Outside Shooting Range unreal engine

Outside Shooting Range

This asset is designed for outdoor shooting ranges and includes various modules that allow the creation of detailed and realistic shooting environments. The package contains numerous modules that can be easily adapted and used in other projects. High-quality models ensure a realistic portrayal of the environment, creating an authentic shooting experience. This asset is an […]

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Old Tunnels

Create massive combinations of underground sewers or bunkers with this modular construction kit. It’s also great for adding and expanding existing levels to add underground annexes or secret access areas. Features: Modular High res textures Sound effects TECH SPECS 168 – 18536 VERTEX 37 MODEL 29 MATERIAL 2 BLUEPRINT 5.0 – 5.4 UE ENGINE 31

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Old Church Unreal Engine 5

Old Church

We hope our created level helps you build your own moody place.4K assets let you create realistic and inclusive game scenes. Features: Door system (Blueprints) Particle effects Sound effects TECH SPECS 4 – 46469 VERTEX 69 MODEL 61 MATERIAL 8 BLUEPRINT 5.0 – 5.4 UE ENGINE 68 SOUNDS 153 TEXTURES 200 – 4K TEXTURE RES

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Autopsy Room Unreal Engine 5

Interactive Autopsy Room

The package includes all the necessary equipment for the Autopsy Room. Many parts of this package are so versatile that they can be used to create other types of projects. Demonstration level are fully interactive, have all necessary sound and particle effects. Door system (Blueprints) Dead body fridge (Blueprint) Flickering lamps (Blueprints) Drawer (Blueprint) Water

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